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Vianova Recovery Projects

July 31, 2011

Vianova Recovery Projects is a new venture with a new vision.

The emphasis is upon developing supportive networks within communities, drawing on the experiences of ordinary people.

It’s our belief that extraordinary results will come about through the pooling of experiences of ‘lives lived’.

Every neighborhood houses heroes, mostly of the unsung variety. Problems of all kinds have been faced and surmounted, yet no-one outside of their immediate circle usually knows much about it. Imagine the tremendous benefits that could be realised through bringing these people together for the good of the community. This is our vision.

Government is abdicating financial responsibility for addressing the ills of society. When questioned, shoulders are shrugged and the finger is pointed in the direction of their predecessors. This does nothing for those who need help NOW.

Vianova Recovery Projects is in it’s infancy. We need help to grow. Friends are lending their expertise and experience (I am thinking particularly about Charles G and Alan C), and great things are sure to follow.

Watch this space for developments!

Best Wishes,

Jeff C