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The Council of Elders…

September 7, 2011
If there ever was a time when help and support for a whole range of problems was readily available and affordable, those times have passed.
Government investment in service provision is being slashed, whilst at the same time we are being encouraged to work toward building  ‘The Big Society’. Like it or not, this trend is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

So where does that leave the individual who needs support, advice, guidance or just an understanding ear?

Vianova Recovery Projects was created to address this shortfall between need and available services. The idea is a simple one;

For thousands of years people have encountered problems with day to day living and very often had to meet these problems head-on with little or no support from the wider society. How did they get through it all? 

Well sadly, many of them didn’t survive.  Life has been tough and cruel at times, and whilst we have managed to overcome many of the historical scourges of mankind, others have come along to replace them. Other problems have remained constant. The ‘Council of Elders’ is a feature of many diverse cultures throughout the world and throughout history. Fundamentally, it is  a recognition and a utilization of lessons learned and lives lived. It places a high value upon practical experience of facing life on life’s terms and learning lessons from it. It teaches us to respect experience and to learn from the mistakes of others as well as from their successes.  

Imagine a society in which no experience, good or bad is wasted. Where gratitude, honesty, respect and tolerance are the guiding principles. That kind of society is a long, long way off, but we can move in that direction. The minute we turn; even by 1 degree, we start to move away from the problem and toward the solution. 

Jeff C


September 5, 2011
  • Consulting rooms established in Canterbury
  • Skype account created – jeff.cockfield1
  • website will go live this week!
  • Taking on new private clients now! – Skype, 1-2-1, telephone counselling, couples, families etc.
  • talk to us about you treatment needs.
Looking forward to talking to you…

Vianova Recovery Projects

August 7, 2011

Progressing slowly but surely.

Website domain has been purchased and homepage design is underway (thanks Rich).

Charles is giving very valuable advice on company set-up (looks like a standard private limited company to start out). Putting financial statrs together and preparing a budget plan. All good stuff!

Local authority has been contacted with a view to setting-up a meeting with them to secure a good deal on premises to lease.

This is going to work!





Vianova Recovery Projects

July 31, 2011

Vianova Recovery Projects is a new venture with a new vision.

The emphasis is upon developing supportive networks within communities, drawing on the experiences of ordinary people.

It’s our belief that extraordinary results will come about through the pooling of experiences of ‘lives lived’.

Every neighborhood houses heroes, mostly of the unsung variety. Problems of all kinds have been faced and surmounted, yet no-one outside of their immediate circle usually knows much about it. Imagine the tremendous benefits that could be realised through bringing these people together for the good of the community. This is our vision.

Government is abdicating financial responsibility for addressing the ills of society. When questioned, shoulders are shrugged and the finger is pointed in the direction of their predecessors. This does nothing for those who need help NOW.

Vianova Recovery Projects is in it’s infancy. We need help to grow. Friends are lending their expertise and experience (I am thinking particularly about Charles G and Alan C), and great things are sure to follow.

Watch this space for developments!

Best Wishes,

Jeff C